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Alternative Treatments in India


Naturopathy in India is known in the form of an age old healing process, from the times when even technology and drugs and technology did not even happen. It was nature only that used to produce all kinds of elements, natural range of food, which are needed as a source of medicine as well as nutrients. The term Naturopathy is not new to India. In every Indian home, some home remedies are used to treat small health complication even before visiting the doctor. Slowly and gradually, naturopathy had gained a lot of importance in the Indian health care sector, since it has less side effects as well.

Naturopathy as Alternative Medicine

From the ancient times, there is a lot of usefulness of naturopathy in the form of alternative treatment methods. Naturopathy, also known as Naturopathic medicine or natural medicine carry its focus on the natural remedies and the capacity of the body of healing its own self and then maintaining it too. The philosophy of naturopathy has an absolutely holistic access and makes little use any type of drug or surgery. Naturopathy included different types of modes of treatment that vary in their degrees of acceptance by the community of medicine, lifestyle and diet. All this might sometimes be same to that guidance that might be given by non-naturopaths. Along with this, acupuncture can also be used for rebate in any type of pain.

Principles of Naturopathy

The principles of naturopathy preserve naturally-occurring process as their base. It consider in the healing power of the nature only. The Naturopathic ideology considers that things can quickly get sought when a rebate in stress is brought about. It preserve it focus that one should protect a healthy lifestyle and diet. Following are the principles of Naturopathy.

It respects the self-healing power of the nature as well as the human body

It tries to provide such kind of a health care solution, that if any risk it poses, should be minimum

It keeps its focus on eliminating the root cause of the problem itself so that the illness should never occur again

The Naturopath should inspire the patients to live a healthy lifestyle and take the responsibility of their own health

Naturopathy offers a treatment as per the health and system of an individual patient

It puts it emphasize on promotion of health so that there should be well-being all around

Benefits of Naturopathy

Poor lifestyle and bad eating habits are the essential cause that the levels of stress development during the life of a human being. There are different types of benefits of Naturopathy, some of which are given below:

It is absolutely natural

It offers such treatments that are free from surgery or drugs

It keeps its focus on the elimination of the root cause of the problem

It is completely safe and there are no known side-effects

It shows positive results in both children and adults

Tries to maintain over-all wellness

These medicines remove any kind of toxins from the body

It takes care of both internal and external health

It removes any kind of imbalances in one’s body

The treatment here is based on the body system of an individual

The focus is one the entire body of the patient

Along with medicines, the doctor also tells about the importance of eating good food for overall health benefit

Naturopathy useful in a number of health problems

Naturopathy for Diseases and Conditions


Depression and anxiety

Food intolerance



Prostate problems



Cold and flu

Weight loss



Pre-menstrual syndrome

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