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Alternative Treatments in India


Unani Medicine (Unani-tibb) also spelled as Yunani Medicine, is the other form of medicine. Unani medicine target on the four humors of the human body (blood, yellow bile, black bile and phlegm) and the source of diseases is generating by the difference of all the four humors. The Unani system was first developed in Greece in the ancient time. Father of the medicine is the name given by the Hippocrates. They constantly assumed that Arkan (elements), Mizaj (temperament) and Akhlat (humor) that keeps the body and mind healthy.

Unani System of Medicine in India

The Arabs are the one who pioneered the Unani system in India. The Unani system benefit era was between the 13th-17th centuries in India. The helpful contributions to this structure were made by Abu Bakr, Sadruddin Damashqui, Ali Geelani and many others.

Unani System of Medicine Principles

The seven essential physiological principles are-

Mizaj ( the bodily temperament of Physio-chemical aspects)

Quwa (the bodily power)

A’da ( the fully developed mature organs)

A’za ( organs)

Akhlat ( the structural components)

Arwah (essential spirit)

Af’aal ( physiological and biochemical processes)

Diagnosis in Unani System of Medicine

First step is to do a patient’s diagnosis in procedure to notice about his ailments. More knowledge of his diseases is based on symptoms, excretions, dietary intake and the pattern of his activities. The Unani arrangement diagnoses the diseases by examining the artery expansion of the pulse (Nbaz). Urine (Baul) and Stool (Baraz) are the other method for diagnosis.

Branches of Unani Medicine

Diseases of the head and neck


Internal medicine






Rejuvenation therapy including Geriatrics

Regimental therapy

Areas of Expertise in Unani System of Medicine

A lot of chronic conditions are treated by Unani System of Medicine-

Respiratory conditions

Liver disorders

Musculoskeletal disorders

Skin disorders

Disorders of the nervous system

Prevention of Diseases in Unani System of Medicine

The six essential basics for preventing diseases which are also known as Asbab-e-Sitta Zarooriya-

Repose and bodily movement

Retention and Evacuation


Sleep and wakefulness

Repose and physic movement

Foods and drinks

Unani Herbal Therapeutics

It is an ancient procedure which presses the help of herbs. Herbs are known worldwide for its properties which benefit in curing many diseases. Many constituents are used in herbal therapeutics which acts as built-in antidotes and safeguard the body from any ill reaction of the herb itself. They are gum, sugar, inorganic salts, resins and many vegetable substances.

Unani Therapies

The purpose of Unani therapies is to focus on the general health of the patient. With the assisit of natural products, the therapy arranges different herbal medicines for the purpose of internal healing. In the method of external healing, the therapies depend on the disease type and also on the condition of the patient. More therapies include-


In Balneology therapy, the healing method uses the application of bath for this therapy. The therapy is done in the bathing room which is also known as Hammam in Arabic.


This therapy target on the principle of acupressure and combine the use of glass cups. The purpose is to remove all the blockages in arteries and tissues.


This therapy focuses on the understanding of diet on the health of the patient. A large number of ailments appear due to extended disorders that are associated with diet.

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