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Alternative Treatments in India

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga, originated in ancient India is a term used for physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines. Yoga mainly arrives up from one of the six schools of Hindu philosophy. Different yoga culture can be found in Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism. After the change of the first millennium, Hatha yoga evolution was seen an important essential tradition of yoga distinct from the Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Established by sage Patanjali, It has been known to humans 3000 years ago.

A number of Hindu monks, starting from Swami Vivekananda, carry yoga to the Western countries in the latter part of the 19th century and during 1980s, yoga achieve a lot of acceptance in the West as well. It has been confirm that yoga is useful in the form of a complementary treatment for asthma, cancer, schizophrenia, and heart problems. It has also shown efficiency in the cases of musculo–skeletal and mental health problems.

Yoga and Meditation as Alternative Treatment

Yoga and meditation are one of the simplest alternative treatments. The meaning of yoga is unison or to connect to the higher being. It mainly worries with holistic cleansing of mind, body and soul. The philosophy of yoga is based on three things meditation, exercising and breathing. According to the fundamentals of yoga, the human body is types of an instrument and the Prana (breath) is the life. It is over meditation that both of these unite. Yoga is that type of an exercise which is required not only for the body but also for the mind because of its therapeutic properties for mind, body as well as soul. One can control his body toned, flexible and fit. It can attempt cure for regular pains or any chronic illness along with developing the immune system. Yoga and meditation also make a development in your blood circulation while removing any symptom of tiredness.

When one works on his breathing patterns in yoga, he is capable to manage his breath, thus controlling mind and expanding concentration. This leads to energizing it as well.

Types of yoga practices

Although Hatha Yoga is the most famous, worldwide but there are different types of Yoga:

Power yoga

Ashtang yoga

Bikram yoga

Prana yoga

Iyengar yoga

Namaste yoga

Anusara yoga

Kripalu yoga

Vinyasa yoga

Benefits Of Yoga and Meditation

There are numerous benefits of Yoga and Mediation:

Trains the brain

Heart patients experience increased exercise tolerance

Reduces Stress

Better oxygen absorption

Improves attention

Decreases respiratory rate

Increased blood flow and slower heart rate

Deeper level of relaxation

Reduced probability of an anxiety attack

Relaxed muscles provide relief from headaches

Builds self-confidence

Higher serotonin production; improvement in behavioural patterns

A support solution for chronic diseases

Brings B.P. Back to normal (in case of High blood pressure)

Reduces Pre- menstrual Syndrome

Improvement in the immune system.

Reduced possibilities of emotional pain

Helps in post-operative healing

Yoga and Meditation for Diseases and Conditions

Since Yoga and meditation have therapeutic equity for mind, body as well as soul, it is useful in a number of health complications. Some of them are as follows :


Stress and Depression


Irritability and moodiness

Low Self esteem and Low self confidence


Weakening or Loosening Memory

Angina pains


PMS (pre-menstrual cycle)

Panic attacks

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


High blood pressure


Heart disease

Yoga and Meditation Packages at The India Healthcare

We, at The India Healthcare can organize different types of Yoga and Meditation treatment packages, as per your demand and condition at a number of top-notch Ayurveda centers, all around India. The list of such packages is long, here are the few important ones:

Cardiac Hypertension Management Program

Diabetic Management Program

Arthritis Management Program

Asthma Management Program

De-Addictions and Smoking Elimination Program

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