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Neuro and Spine Surgeries

Brain Surgery

What is Brain Surgery?

Brain is a vital organ that discipline different body organs. Brain surgery is implement when a person is analyze with cerebral aneurysms, brain tumors and brain hemorrhage or when a patient has weak blood vessels in the brain. Conditions and symptoms for brain surgery vary from person to person depending on their position. Nausea, seizures, headache and paralysis are some of the common symptoms that require a brain surgery. Brain surgery is also observe to replacement damage generate to the tissue covering the brain. The surgery is also fundamental for removing brain disease or to relieve serious nerve pain.

Types of Brain Surgery

There are different types of brain surgery that depend upon on the location and type of tumor.

Brain Tumor Surgery: The surgical proceeding is implementing for brain tumors that can be removed without resulting in severe damage. A large number of non-cancerous (benign) cancer can only be removed by surgery. However, cancerous (malignant) tumor may require increased treatment apart from surgery like chemotherapy or radiation therapy. The aim of the surgery is to remove the tumor as much as achievable and also reducing its symptoms so as to better the quality of life.

Brain Aneurysm Surgery: It is not imperative that every aneurysm requires treatment. essentially there are two surgical capability that treat the condition of brain aneurysms- endovascular coiling and neurosurgical clipping.

Endoscopic Brain Surgery: This surgery is basically meant for treating skull base tumors. An endoscopic-assisted surgery results in no scars.

Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery: Earlier the problem of brain tumors was treated with the help of craniotomies and also by more replacement skin laceration. This strategy often resulted in more post-operative pain and also associate more recovery time. Much technological growth in image instruction and endoscopic visualization has introduced less invasive surgery for both spine and brain. This surgery is proficient through endoscopic approaches (through a small incision), endonasal approaches (through the nose) and supraorbital approaches (above the eye).

Bleeding Brain Surgery: Bleeding in the brain or in the space between the skull and the brain requires surgery. The surgical proceeding is implement for alleviate the strength in the skull and for removing the blood that has built up in the brain. Surgery is the only option by which blood clots are removed neighboring the surface of the brain.

Meningioma Brain Surgery: A meningioma tumor advance on the exterior of the brain. This cancer rather than developing inside the brain, pushes the brain away. Most of these types of tumors are treated as benign. This rare tumor display cancer-like behavior known as anaplastic meningiomas or meningiomas. They produce almost 20% of all the tumors that appears in the head. The surgery for consider meningioma is a very complex proceeding. The aim of the surgery is to conserve the neurological function, removing of sufficient tumor so as to relieve strength on the normal brain tissue and also removal of the integrated tumor so that it will never appear again.

Awake Brain Surgery: This type of surgery is implement when the patient is attentive for treating neurological conditions such as epileptic seizures or brain tumors. A patient is made attentive during the surgical operation when the tumor is near the parts of the brain controlling speech or movement. The responses of the patient establish surgeon about the actual area of the brain requiring surgery. Also this proceeding lowers down the risk of casualty to the brain’s practical area. This surgery has much preference. The patients who have brain tumors around the brain’s functional tissue and also their condition was deadly earlier, can opt for awake brain surgery. This surgery reduces the tumor’s size and also better overall quality of life.

Brain Surgery Procedures

There are many surgical procedures for brain tumors are –

Biopsy: It essentially takes a sample of a brain tissue for diagnosing several conditions such as brain cancer. Surgery can also be used for determining the existence of irritation or disease in the brain. Commonly the sample taken from the brain is small. A biopsy can also be done along with an autopsy for examine brain irregularity and medical conditions.

Craniotomy: The term Craniotomy means cutting into the head. A craniotomy is a type of surgical proceeding where a bone flap is removed for a provisional period in order to access the brain. This proceeding is meant for those people who are adversity from traumatic brain swelling or brain lesions and it may also enable a doctor to implant deep brain stimulators for consider epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and cerebellar tremor.

Mapping: Mapping is essentially done for insightful the function of the different parts of the brain near the surgical site. Mapping can be done in different ways. Some do not require opening of the head while others can be done at the time of surgery. They involve –

Using special MRI techniques like functional MRI

Stimulation of the brain tissue is done with the help of tiny electrical currents

Probing the brain with special computerized wands

The brain waves are measured while stimulating

Magnetoencephalogram (MEG) is used to localize sensory, language and motor function

Ultrasound probes are used near or inside brain structures

Position emission tomography (PET) or single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT)

Shunts: An increasing pressure inside the brain is very fatal and can impair brain functions. This problem can be easily treated with the help of a shunt.

Microsurgery is also one of the brain surgery procedures.

Additional Surgical Procedures for Brain Tumors

Internal sources of drugs (Gliadel) or radiation (Gliasite) can be performed inside the tumor cavity.

Thermal destruction instruments such as lasers may be positioned in the exact spot in order to destroy tumor tissue.

Ultrasonic aspiration procedure break and suck out the tumors of the brain.

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