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Neuro and Spine Surgeries

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

The natural position of Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) changes the wrist, hand and sometimes exhaustive upper extremity. CTS in pregnancy is the most prevalent problem which is due to swelling caused by fluid retention. The tunnel is (like a narrow canal) located at the base of the palm and is characterize by the overlying transverse carpal ligament and wrist bones. The median (a major nerve) and some tendons pass from this tunnel that is responsible for controlling movement and impression of the hand. This also provides for muscle durability at the bottom of the thumb. A part of the ring finger, little finger and also the outer edges of the palm are sincere by this condition as the median nerve does not serve these parts.

Causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This common disorder can affect a large number of patients. Its causes include –

Wrist dislocation and fracture

Swelling and inflammation around the tendons

Aberrant anatomy


Fluid retention


Rheumatoid and degenerative arthritis

Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Swollen feeling in the fingers

Pins and needles feeling or numbness in the fingers

Hand weakness

Difficulty in manipulating small objects

Numbness or pain that disrupts sleep or get worse at night

Difficulty in making a fist

Tingling or burning in the middle fingers, index or thumb that moves up to the arms reaching elbows

Difficulty in dropping objects or getting hold of the object with the hands

Diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

CTS (Carpel tunnel syndrome) require appropriate diagnosis –

In order to confirm the diagnosis of CTS within the wrist and hands of the patient, Electrodiagnostic studies (nerve conduction and EMG) are done.

Complete medical history of the patient is examined.

This also involves a complete clinical exam. A doctor can ask his patient to perform certain tasks with the help of his hands. This is done in determining the condition of CTS.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

The treatment for CTS depends upon the severity of the condition. A physician may suggest –

Proper resting should be given to wrist and hands for a long period all through the day.

One can also wear splints that will help in immobilizing the wrist.

Daily consumption of nonsteroidal-anti-inflammatory (NSAID) drugs along with other nonprescription pain relievers for reducing inflammation and pain.

Occupational therapy is done for loosening the tendons in the wrists and hands.

Surgery for carpel tunnel syndrome is behaved when wrist splints or medicines have failed to contribute alleviation from pain. The surgical procedure of CTS is performed under local anesthesia where the patient is awake and his hand or wrist is finally numb. Key hole and open surgery are the two types of CTS surgery.

Keyhole Surgery for Treating CTS

During the keyhole surgery, a 2cm long cut is made in the decoration of the patient’s hand. An endoscope is placed through this cut for examine in the wrist or for consider pictures on the video screen. This endoscope is connecting with an appropriate appliance that helps in cutting the ligament. The cut made in the skin is closed with dissolvable stitches after surgery. The integrated proceeding takes 10-20 minutes to full.

Open Surgery for treating CTS

During the open surgery, a single 5cm long cut is made in the front of the wrist at the bottom of the palm. Then carpel tunnel is opened and the ligament is cut for relieving the pressure on the nerve.

Bilateral Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Every year a large number of people reality from bilateral carpal syndrome. It has been seen that many people suffer from this position without realizing that they have it. These people avoid nerve twinges, odd awareness of tingling in the fingers and fatigue. This syndrome is due to the strength caused on the median nerve in both hands. The strength could due to many things from poor attitude to swelling. If this position is not treated then it can result in consistent tingling, brief stabs of sudden pain and numbness. In severe cases, a person may face adversity in moving their fingers or picking up the objects. Early analysis of bilateral carpal tunnel does not require any invasive treatment or surgery. People can use wrist beneficial equipment that will help in keeping the wrist straight while using mouse or typing. Also by doing simple activity and taking regular intermission from work can justify profitable for decreasing pressure. Another way of reducing pressure is using wrist braces that come in various designs and shapes.

Cost of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery

India provides much assistance to those people who are watch for cost-effective carpal tunnel syndrome surgery. One of the benefits is that carpal tunnel syndrome surgery cost is very low and also all the hospitals offer more progressive technology.

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